The bikes move indoors

Since we don’t have a garage or shed, we needed somewhere to put the bikes so they’re accessible but out of the elements.  Turns out there is a whole category of indoor-aesthetically pleasing-apartment-bike storage!  (Not usually a factor in the Midwest.)  (The storage issue…..not the aesthetically pleasing part.)


Now our office exists in a bike-jungle!


Summer Detox, part 3

1. One of us (me) does not have a car

Well, I’m most of the way through the month and I haven’t starved to death yet!  We both got our bikes tuned up last month.  Mine is 16 years old!  I got the rear gears and the chain replaced for the first time.

Week 1: Biked approx. 7.5 miles to work, 6 miles to farmers’ market.  Feeling pretty good!

Week 2: Rainy.  Bussed to teaching, then walked approx. 10 miles to orchestra this week on unfortunate shoes.  Left foot now hurting in a way that is new to me…..

Week 3:  Trying to stay off my feet.  Biked to a concert at the high school, along a nice new road I did not know about!  9 miles round trip, and gorged on ice cream when I got home because I was famished.  Bussed to teaching, then walked around the grocery store, aggravating my foot.  I need better walking shoes!  Also got a compliment on my speed from a more serious biker!


I’m excited and bummed about this commuter project we will not be around to see.  They are turning the main bus corridor into a rapid-bus-transit dedicated fast lane, with entries flush to the ground, prepay kiosks, and thank god reducing this 45 mph road that runs through town.  brt



There’s your answer folks!  Michi-Ganders.  Love it.

Here NPR covers a story related to the title of my blog.  Apparently the two hand-states are fighting over which one is more mitten-like.

My favorite listener comment:  “That’s funny, Wisconsin to me looks more like a big union-busting billy club.”