Summer Detox, part 5

1. Our stuff

Our apartment is pretty bare bones.  We thought about renting furniture, but just haven’t.  We now realize that we’ve never fully appreciated a nice chair.


inflatable chairs travel better

We brought a very bare-bones kitchen arsenal. We are very glad to have our mini cuisinart, especially since we’re making lots of salad dressing. Aside from having to do the dishes more often, I’m surprised how little I miss having all of our pots and pans and various baking dishes. We brought a 2qt pot, a 6 qt pot, and three cast iron skillets. We also brought one pyrex (used once) and a cookie sheet (never used).

The huge thing missing in my life so far is internet.  I do have limited data on my phone, but I miss sitting down at my computer and frying my brain for a couple hours a day.  I really hope I am broken of this habit this summer.  We’ll see if we can go another 6 weeks without purchasing internet service.

4. Eat no added sugar

This has certainly been an exercise in label-reading.  While I’ve decided that I’m not willing to give up bread which usually needs some sugar to get the yeast going, we’ve been eating many fewer carbohydrate-rich foods so far this month.  If there’s one thing I take out of this experiment, it’s that controlling your blood sugar is a good thing.  Eating a slice of pie after a balanced meal seems so much more attractive to me now than grabbing a piece of toast or crackers when I’m starving with an empty stomach.

But just to give it a try, I’ve been looking for sugar-free breads, and it is not easy.  I did have luck at the co-op and at TJ’s.  IMG_20140610_223623I’m no rocket scientist, but it seems that sprouted grain breads may not need sugar!  Also they’re delightfully substantial.

Say what you will about Trader Joe’s, but I wish we had one in Lansing.  They are a very cheap source of natural and organic meats, and reliably have breads, crackers, frozen foods, packaged meals, etc. that have only necessary, real ingredients.  Until I am able to make 100% of our food at home and never purchase processed food again, I will love TJ’s.


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