Summer Detox, part 4

3. Eat leaves every day

Here is salad #3 on that list.

IMG_20140524_151123I love lentils in any form, so this one is a WINNER!

And this is salad #6:

Benefits from salt and/or chicken.

Benefits from salt and/or chicken.

4.  Eat no (added) sugar.

June 1 was our first day of no sugar.  Here’s what we ate that day:

Red pepper-green onion omelette
Coffee with cream

About 5 dried figs

Black bean burger with avocado on top*
Salad with home made vinaigrette and tomatoes

Home made crackers with smoked salmon*

*We did not think to check the black bean burgers, or the salmon that we bought on impulse because it was on sample at Costco….The BBBs have 2g sugar, not negligible; the salmon has sugar listed as an ingredient but has 0g per serving, probably only used in the curing process, so I’m gonna allow it 🙂

So if anything, this is going to be really enlightening in terms of closely examining ingredients on foods. It’s not always obvious to me what’s going to have sugar. From our pantry:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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