Summer Detox, part 1

Because of various circumstances, we’ve noticed that we’re faced with some (minor) challenges this summer.

Dave is working in Tennessee most of the summer, and my schedule did not completely line up, so we’ve been living apart this month.  This means:

1. One of us (me) does not have a car

2. One of us (Dave) does not have our “stuff”

I really do not need a car on a daily basis.  We are lucky to live pretty close to the main bus line in Lansing, and I can get most places on it.  I can also bike anywhere I need to go when it’s not raining.

Dave headed down to our empty summer apartment with only what would fit in the car–no bed, no table, no pets!  (They’re going down with me.)

With the changing weather, we’ve been thinking more about eating vegetables, and especially since the lab is secluded, Dave does not have many options for lunch.  He’s started packing salads almost every day, leading us to a vow, seemingly trivial but hard to do consistently:

3. Eat leaves every day

And finally, a friend has roped us into giving up sugar for the month of June.  Again, I’ve been reexamining my cooking habits and thought it best that I take a break from my baking addiction.  Michael Pollan suggests that if you have to have your junk food, at least make it at home–you can monitor what goes into it, and you’ll probably eat less of it because of all the labor involved.  Challenge ACCEPTED.

But really, summer seems like the perfect time for me to turn off the oven, and lay off the flour and sugar and butter.

4.  Eat no (added) sugar

When I take a look at these, I can’t help but think they’re each a kind of detox.  So far I am LOVING not having a car.  Life is a little slower, but there isn’t the stress that comes from cramming in as many errands as you can in a short period of time, or from speeding to work because you left late because you can, because you have a car in which to speed to work.  And I can’t speak to how the apartment is with hardly anything in it, but Dave tells me that our neighbors keep asking when I’m showing up “with all the furniture” (the answer is never).

I’m not going to assume our lives will be changed or that we’ll sell all of our belongings after this, but I am looking forward to a different lifestyle for a bit.  That’s what summers are good for!


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