Snow days

As the semester started, Lansing was crippled by some snow and subzero temperatures.  Neither of us had to work, so we did some very important things.

I finished a project I started three years ago!  (See: procrastinating.)  This was a desk that my grandmother passed down to me that I wanted to refinish.  My initial plan was to strip it to the wood, but the paint was so deep in the grain that I couldn’t get it all out.  And in the process I learned that I think my grandpa had stripped it of its original dark brown paint, so it’s not like it was the original color anyway!  Thanks to the internet I learned that the trick to bringing out the wood grain is lots of very thin coats.  I got a little craft brush to do the paint on the wood overlay and did two coats over the primer.


We got to watch the Packers and Niners play each other again (see: what we will do to watch the Packers Niners game).


Dave thought he’d take advantage of the lovely weather and cook us something on the grill.  (The high this day was 2 degrees.)DSC_0218 DSC_0221Later that week I finished a little baby quilt for my cousin’s first child–I’m sure even Seattle gets pretty cold in January!!



One thought on “Snow days

  1. We might get a snow day tomorrow in DC so I’m already formulating a plan for projects to fill the day. Glad you’re back to blogging!

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