A few craft projects

It’s been a long couple weeks dealing with the basement.  We think we finally have it under control.  We are currently running two dehumidifiers, at a cost we estimate to be $80 a month all together.  Hopefully we can turn off the second soon!

I did a little searching about desiccants — things we can put in boxes, etc. to absorb a little humidity.  You can buy them at a hardware store, or apparently you can use sidewalk chalk.  But the coolest idea was this:


100% silica gel kitty litter!

I read that you can “re-energize” silica gel by baking it in a medium oven, but I don’t know how to tell when it’s “full.”


Now some happier projects!  I finished TWO long projects this week, which is a rare event for me since I frequently let projects drag on forever. [True story: last week while going through all of our stuff in the basement, I found a quilt I started for my grandma about 10 years ago.  I should get working on that.]  I started a book on tape for a long trip, but as usually happens, I didn’t finish it on the trip, and so I was looking for things to do around the house while I sat to finish listening.  I started this blanket in the fall.  It is strips of red and white fleece, woven over each other, and anchored in place with yarn, which proved to be much more work than I thought it would be:


And this project is what happens when you are married to a mathematician and have a little too much time on your hands:

P1100462Those are this picture, rendered with 25 colors of embroidery thread:

crossstitchSo yeah, now I should have more time to finish that quilt for my grandma.


2 thoughts on “A few craft projects

  1. Tiffany,
    It is a simulation in Matlab of a set of equations describing plasma…and that’s all I can really tell you!
    Check out this organization:
    They have conferences exploring how math is related to the visual arts. The only other cross stitch I’ve seen is this one:
    but there are several fiber-artists who participate:

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