Artie’s Filling Station

We heard about this place last fall, and it really is shameful that we didn’t visit until this spring.
Artie’s is in an old filling station, as you might guess. The design is perfect for a drive-through type coffee place. In the summer they have outdoor seating. Cute and all, but my one hope for this place would be to some day have the option to sit indoors too! This coffee is too good for a cupholder.
I can’t remember what origin the espresso of the day was, but the barista told us to expect “notes of blueberry.” She was not kidding–my drink smelled like a blueberry muffin! Dave was a little put off by this, but I thought it was magical. Anyway, the taste was mostly coffee.  On other days the espresso is not fruit scented.
They use organic milk in their drinks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the milk makes the drink, whether it’s Metcalfe’s or Populace.  These are 10oz. doubles, so yeah, the milk is important.
P1100133SOLD.  It is out of our way, but when we’re in the neighborhood, this is our coffee place.  Best coffee in Lansing, hands down.



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