I should be supervised when painting

We decided to stay in our place another year, but that the living room needed an accent wall.  (Look at me, using these interior decorating terms.)  This is our second painting project, although it is not really clear whether painting is allowed in our place.  So we got a bunch of paint cards and picked out a medium blue with a touch of green in it-“Oslo Blue.”  I did a fresh coat of white on the sad-looking baseboards so it’ll be easier to do the walls back to white when we move out, then did two coats on the wall the next day. P1100329No, I don’t think my painting is really blog-worthy, but being seasoned renters, we photo-document EVERYTHING.

The color is not exactly what I expected, just a regular blue, but it’s rare to imagine a paint job exactly the way it comes out.  So I finish the job, clean up everything, and as I’m securing the lid back on the can of paint I see the label “Clear Vista.”  UUUUUUUGHHHHH!   I got the wrong blue!!!!

Clear Vista/Oslo Blue

Clear Vista/Oslo Blue

And since that’s my handwriting on Clear Vista, I can only assume I handed the wrong color swatch to the paint attendant.  I wish I had never noticed this; now I KNOW the color isn’t quite right!

Don't look at me, I'm colorblind

Don’t look at me, I’m colorblind


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