A week of eating in

While making my daily rounds of the various NYTimes headlines several days ago, I read this Motherlode post about the link between eating out and weight gain.

“Researchers from the Department of Agriculture calculate that just one meal a week away from home can translate into two extra pounds a year for the average person; the average adult now eats out nearly five times a week.”

Yup, sounds about right!

So this week we did a similar challenge.  We did not rule out packaged foods, though we don’t eat a ton to begin with (yogurt being a big one).  No meals out, including coffee.  We did allow ourselves one earlier-scheduled outing, to watch the Redwings lose game 7, because we don’t have cable.

Our meals this week included spinach squash curry, this focaccia, a rhubarb cake which I un-veganified, our first attempt at cooking broccoli raab, grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob with chipotle butter, and perhaps our best sauteed tofu yet.  Apparently, if you freeze tofu, the water expands to make it more sponge-like, and then if you drain the liquid before cooking it is ready to sop up whatever you feed it, and because it is drier it is very firm and can get a little crispy.

We finished our experiment with an extravagant meal from the Meridian Farmer’s Market yesterday: asparagus and a giant grass-fed steak.  Certainly a splurge, but justifiable considering how much we would have spent at restaurants otherwise!

Like little kitchen sponges!

Like little kitchen sponges!



and one hungry little nose.

and one hungry little nose.


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