Late night hangouts

We finally discovered where all the cool kids go at night.  Wifi for study sessions, and for us, just a place to go when the dog is driving us up the walls.

The Ambassador told us about Thieo’s a few months ago, but we only just went there a couple weeks back.  They are 24 hour like The Curve used to be, and they have added lots more outlets so students can camp out with their laptops.  We’ve been told on some nights you can find people playing board games there; I’m sure the lighting there will be much better than the Dane!  And just like The Curve, they have nice watery coffee which you can drink endlessly!

That's right folks, it's as good as it looks.

That’s right folks, it’s as good as it looks.

P1090796 P1090798

And we’ve finally found a place that has coffee for me and beer for Dave, something which was abundant in Madison but harder to come by here.  The Avenue Cafe, formerly called Gone Wired, is open late, and serves food, local beer on tap, and coffee drinks.  The Avenue is only the third independently owned coffee shop I’ve found in the capital area.  They have music on the weekends, but they also have a quiet study room in the back, so patrons can have the best of both worlds.  It looks like when the management recently changed they hired whoever did the decorating at Soma in Bloomington (sadly, minus the creepy mannequin in the bathroom):
P1090827 P1090823 P1090830 P1090828


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