In our kitchen last week

We went back to WI for a few days this Christmas, but before we did we had to play the use-all-the-food-in-the-fridge game.


Dhal with fresh tomatoes, rice, cauliflower carrot ginger soup


Egg noodles with mushrooms, leek, and chicken; steamed spicy eggplant. I swear, much better than this photo looks.
Special thanks to my library’s excellent selection of cookbooks!


Oh-crap-we’re-leaving-tomorrow-quiche: leek, red pepper, whole bag of spinach.


This was not something we had to use up, but a beer that just finished its bottle carbonating.  Dave made a Founder’s Breakfast Stout clone, which did very well in a blind taste test!

Then there was the baking done in MI to be consumed in WI:


Pumpkin cheesecake


Dacquoise: almond-hazelnut meringue cake, coffee buttercream, covered in chocolate!

…..aaaand then we came back to town and I felt the need to cook….after all, people had been feeding me all week!


One of our favorite fast-fancy meals: butternut squash spinach curry


snow makes me bake

I’m also trying my hand at black sesame lattes.  I read about them somewhere, and I guess they’re a popular drink in Korea.  I love anything sesame, so I made a paste with toasted and ground black sesame seeds and a bit of honey.  I mix it with the frothed milk.

P1090954 P1090959Yum!

OK, I’ll stop pretending this is my personal cooking blog and lay off the food for a while!


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