A tour of our place (finally)

This took way too long….here’s the new apartment!  We have a lot more space than we’re used to.

We call our style “heritage Ikea.”

How many Ikea products can you find?

Just a regular kitchen, right?  Older rentals are usually only good for one reason: The kitchens are spacious and the cabinets are super solid, not so in more recent, cheaper buildings.

I made a sweet roman shade for the window!

AND, this is the first dishwasher we’ve ever had!  In fact, first dishwasher since we lived with our parents!  EVER!!

We got a grown up bed!  And we put a prohibited coat of paint over the horrible job that was there when we moved in.


Is it wrong if this is my favorite room?  This room keeps our other rooms sane.

I have a room for practicing!


Practice room and winter sport moving supply emporium.


How many boxes does it take to move two adults with too many belongings?  173.  And being the nomads that we are, we are keeping all of them that survived the trip, because it takes too long to gather that many boxes.


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