Can we keep her?

Last weekend we went hiking in a small section of a state forest, in an attempt to see some color before all the leaves fall.  At the far end of our loop, we ran into two doggies, a chocolate lab and a black lab.  After a few tense seconds, all five of us relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.  We didn’t see any other people, but the brown dog seemed like he didn’t want to follow us, so we figured he either lived nearby or was hunting with someone.

The black dog, however, was very sweet and was instant best friends with Barley.  She followed us….for 5 miles, all the way back to our car.  Dave even tried yelling to see if anyone would hear us and want her back, but we were unsuccessful.

By this time it was getting dark, and we weren’t sure what to do.  She had a collar but no tags, and she seemed trained and well fed.  We called the local animal control, but they wouldn’t send anyone out on a weekend, and they were going to be closed the next day (Columbus Day) as well.  After knocking on a couple doors nearby, we decided to try the police station.

We pulled up to the Roscommon County Jail at about 8pm.  I stood in line awkwardly for several minutes.  It was visiting day at the jail, and the intake room was also the visitors’ side of the glass booths–not very private!  Dave and I promised each other to never be in a glass-wall-visit situation.

When I explained to a deputy that we’d found a dog and we didn’t know what to do with her, he seemed slightly amused and told me to wait.  Ten minutes later, he’d contacted someone at animal control, and determined that we’d found her near another deputy’s house and perhaps he’d know whose dog it was.  This guy was definitely a dog person and he went outside to meet her.  He said they could keep her at the station until she had somewhere else to go.

We were glad that he took the time to help this doggie, but Barley was sure sad to see her friend go!


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