But who’s counting?

I am very impressed with the library system in our new town.  I needed to listen to a Bruckner Symphony for work, so I thought I’d check the library first before going out and buying a copy.  Not only did they have the exact one I needed at my branch, they had two others which I took home as well!  Madison always had a spotty classical selection, which I found more frustrating because I had a hard time successfully finding anything with the search system.

A few days later I needed Symphonie Fantastique; how do I not have a copy of that already?

On the shelf.

Also on the shelf: recent Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, and My Morning Jacket.  Madison is even worse with recent music (or the interest far exceeds the collection).

East Lansing:1     Madison:0

One of the first things we did after moving was set up a local bank account.  Or, credit union account, I should say.  In my experience they are always a better deal, and now everyone’s saying it’s better to keep your money locally, though that’s not the primary reason I’ve used a credit union my whole life.  So naturally we walk into the MSUFCU main branch and ask to sign up.  The representative we ended up with was overflowing with reasons we were going to love MSUFCU, even though we had already decided to join.  It was a little annoying to have to sit through this mini pep rally rather than just fill out the forms straight away.  He also told us that they are soooooo much better than UWCU and that they had many more members.   Whatever, I don’t know if I care about that…do you have free ATMs?

So we kind of forgot about that whole exchange until people here in town started telling us about how much they looooove MSUFCU.  Why do you love it?  “They have online banking and billpay….”  Yes, go on……(?)  It’s like everyone was a little brainwashed.

I find their website pretty outdated, and their account naming system strange (Dave and I are not separate people as far as they are concerned).  Also they charge non-members to use their ATMs, and they charge me to use other ATMs.  Also they send us annoying spam.  Also we are keeping our credit cards from UWCU because they are way better.

East Lansing: 1     Madison: 1

Donuts.  I need them in my life.  And I am just not finding them here.  All of the Quality Dairies advertise fresh donuts and coffee, but we’re still talking gas station donuts.  And I know many of you out there have your donut allegiances and I’ll never convince you that the donuts at Dunkin or Krispy Kreme are not the best.  But man, would I kill for a Rabbi’s Delight or Boston Creme from Greenbush Bakery.  Kosher Means Quality, people!

There is a nice little photo and description of Greenbush on this blog.  And this yelp review is classic: “I used to dislike running and started running 6-7miles/day due to my donut consumption… That’s commitment to both Greenbush and the fit of my current wardrobe.”

East Lansing: 1     Madison: 2

OK, so maybe I can make do with cupcakes.  I love baking and decorating cupcakes, but I’ve never been a huge fan of sugary frosting.  I think a cream cheese frosting is the appropriate choice for almost every cake.   Madison is slowly catching the cupcake bug, with Daisy Cupcakery making some delicious, normal-sized cupcakes that won’t make your belt explode.

Over here in the other mitten I just discovered Sugar Shack, and oh boy, I may be a convert.  They have normal and giant sized cupcakes, in classic and crazy flavors.  The first time I went in I had a Grandma’s Breakfast, which is blueberry pancake-bacon-maple syrup flavored.  And this is a Cafe Caramel:Oh yeah, and they are open late on the weekends and they deliver.  They will drive cupcakes to your house.  They need to merge with Voodoo and go national – because no one should be deprived of bacon in their late night baked goods.  And that is just not something Greenbush can deliver.

East Lansing: 2     Madison: 2

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