Coffee WIN!

I’ve held four barista positions in my life, and when I left Indie I wanted to get a nice home espresso maker, preferably one that actually did decent steamed milk.  I picked one out and socked away my pennies for a couple years.  This spring, I decided I just couldn’t justify the cost (or the counter space) so I instead opted for a Presso.  It was the best-rated non-electric espresso maker in a test by America’s Test Kitchen.  The milk frother it comes with is not great, but it’s better than a wisk!  I’ve seen some people swear by the mini-french-press frothers, so maybe I’ll invest in one of those at some point.
Initially it was fun to play with, but I was just not getting the shots right.  I turned our burr grinder as fine as it would go, and tamped and tamped.  Still, I was just getting strong coffee:

For you coffee geeks: Presso recommends putting in the full portafilter and letting the water drip through to soak the coffee, and then pressing with full pressure.  On this grind, it was taking about 6 seconds to drip.

Then I got some sweet Just Coffee at the co-op  and cranked the store’s grinder dial all the way over.  Success!

This grind had a drip time of 10 seconds, and the crema looks even awesomer in a cup with less surface area.  That’ll wake ya up in the morning!


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