Spa Creek in the morning

This obliging rainbow stuck around long enough for me to run inside and get the camera, then stayed through most of the dog walk.



The faintest double rainbow / fall tree aura


Rainbow in Rain

Rainbow in Rain


The bikes move indoors

Since we don’t have a garage or shed, we needed somewhere to put the bikes so they’re accessible but out of the elements.  Turns out there is a whole category of indoor-aesthetically pleasing-apartment-bike storage!  (Not usually a factor in the Midwest.)  (The storage issue…..not the aesthetically pleasing part.)


Now our office exists in a bike-jungle!

Boats Boats Boats!

When we were looking at apartments from afar to move in to in Annapolis, we were impressed when a complex would list “waterfront” as a feature.  Turns out, there is water EVERYWHERE here.  Annapolis has a fractal-like shoreline — peninsulas upon peninsulas.


I spent one sunny afternoon walking and reading “on deck” — meaning on the campus of the USNA.  Somehow I felt like if I was going to lounge around and drink my iced coffee, I did not deserve the “honor,” “courage,” or “commitment” benches.



Boats take up much of the visible shoreline in many areas.


I don’t know, I was hoping for something BIGGER.  Do you have something BIGGER?


On the road again!

Well, we’re officially Maryland residents!

DSC_1311 DSC_1315

Terrapins?  (Terps?) Marylanders?  Not sure.


Excellent tape-usage planning. Note: a 2-bed apartment takes 4.5 rolls of tape to move.

We’ve gone from an apartment way too big for two adults and two pets (1600 sq ft, two floors) to one probably more suited to us, but we’re a little in shock (1000 sq ft, no garage, very little storage). It has been pretty hectic.


I think I took lots of animal photos to soothe myself.  Here are a few.

DSC_1584 DSC_1560 DSC_1548 DSC_1545 DSC_1309